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Since I am doing most of my internet posting at my Sea of Stars RPG Design Journal, JL and DW have gotten a bit neglected. Sorry all. Will try to be better about that.

Just ran a crazy four-part Legend of the Five Rings mini-campaign (framework here) which went surprisingly well and has hardened me for GenCon where I am running seven (yes, 7) sessions of the L5R RPG for AEG (the company that makes the game). Wish me luck!
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Been a bit since I last posted, but been collecting various bits and piece from around the web that might interest people. These seemed appropriate to a cyberpunkish future:

Brain interface made of silk, a new way to layer electrodes to interface with the brain.

10 Smart Clothes you will be wearing soon not convinced on that (nor all they all really clothes) but the networked jacket is amazing and I would so wear one of them.

A perfect threat McGuffin for a scenario Cruise missile launcher concealed in a cargo container.

Lastly, the Speed Racer live action movie. Behind all the neon colors and homage to the anime is the story of a world controlled by megacorporations who use bloodsports to manipulate share prices and the masses.
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Yesterday over at my gaming journal, I wrote up some of my thoughts on the minor clan in the Legend of the Five Rings setting and why I like them so much. Also, realized that I have not but putting links up to the L5R Campaign reports but I just have if you want to catch up on the adventures of our silly yoriki.
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Over on my gaming journal, a link to a free PDF I did for the retro-futuristic pulp setting of Rocketship Empires: 1936. Have fun.
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Up at my gaming journal, I will post links as I add more campaign reports and information.
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I needed a theme for Decemeber at the Sea of Stars RPG Design Journal so I dcided on Gifts.

The first item for the theme is The Perfect Toy Box.

I am also taking requests and suggestions, so if there is something you would like to see, let me know, here or there (or both).
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Just my random discussion of various RPG points over at my Sea of Stars Design Journal, for this, the first one, Moral Dilemma: Slavery.
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Again, as a supporter of the RPG Bloggers' Network time to share interesting things from other gaming sites (and a few other sites as well):

6d6 Fireball has a free adventure, The Sanctum of the Fiery Ladder for download (and hopefully community feedback). So if you are in need of a 3.x adventure, this one looks very promising.

Tales of the Rambling Bumblers expands on the Super Simple Combat Maneuver idea. Still pondering on how to adapt this best to my game.

A resource for odd, bizarre and unique places anicent and modern: Atlas Obscura. It even has an article on the Tree that Owns Itself here in my current hometown, Athens, GA.

Planetary Nebula, such distant beauty.

Click to visit A Gross of Goblins!

Oh dear, it seems like a goblin from a Gross of Goblins has found its way here, be careful or one might follow you home too.

(Crossposted from the Sea of Stars Design Journal)
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But you can rejoin at GenCon . . . Wizards of the Coast is having an amazingly awesome contest, the Never Split the Party Contest in fact: Describe your gaming group that has since broken up and you could win a trip for all the group (up to six) to GenCon!
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More updates on the Sea of Stars page and at the Wordpress Journal. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.
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Have links to the wiki and the forum up on the Sea of Stars RPG Project webpage.

Now I need some people to poke around and let me know what they want to see next. Any volunteers?


Jun. 12th, 2009 10:10 am
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Lots of bits of news today, I will try and get it all up in manageable pieces.

First off, I will be at GenCon Indy this year! Slaving away at the AEG booth as usual but my nights will be free. So, if you are going to be there let me know so that we can catch up!
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Sea of Stars RPG, I am in the process of organizing this into a proper resource site and community. Right now, it is just a holding page but I will let people know as it evolves.

Thoughts, comments and suggestions welcome.
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Make your own 3D 'Printer' that builds up levels of plastic in three dimensions. There is RepRap and MakerBot available with new improved versions coming along soon. Fascinating. It will be great when they come down in price.

Our first session of the new AEON Mall Game is written up by the GM.

Good news on the writing front, I am writing for the next Legends of the Five Rings RPG book. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything more than that due to the non-disclosure agreement I have signed, but I will tell you more when I can.
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Lost revision of Hamlet found!

There used to be a stringed instrument called the epigonion, modern researchers have digitally reconstructed it. You can listen to it here at the ASTRA project.

One dimension over, Gygax and Arneson decided to use the Greek myths as a based for their ground breaking fantasy gaming system Mazes and Minotaurs!

"Al Gore you've doomed us all."
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As today, 4th March, the anniversary of Gary Gygax's death, has been officially declared Game Masters' Day (or Dungeon Masters as we called them back in the day.), I thought I should post up some thoughts.

Thanks to all of the people I have roleplayed with over the years. It has been an amazing trip and I have played so many games and such a varied groups of people, it is just mind boggling to reflect upon. But a special thanks to those who actually ran the games, you all put in more work than us players (usually) and we thank you for it.

A special thanks to my wife and favorite DM, Laura! Thank you again for all of the wonderful stories.

Also, a thumbs up to my current weekly group (including [livejournal.com profile] forvrin, [livejournal.com profile] nemloen and [livejournal.com profile] wuxiadaddy) who have expanded my realms of RPGs immensely.

And to all of the GM in whose game I have played. I apologize for any trouble I have caused, I hope it was usually from an excessive zeal to have fun and not an attempt to disrupt the game (though I know I have done that too).

Happy Game Masters' Day all!
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Yes, I know, I have not been too good with these but such is life.

We have been trying out John Wick's new game, Houses of the Blooded. An interesting game both system-wise and stylistically, as it is designed for tragedy, epic tragedy but still tragedy. Characters are part of the Ven nobility, a mythical race and culture, and are competing for power, glory and a thousand other things. My character is a poet and rake of the House of the Fox, charming and brilliant, he is also addicted to life's pleasures, all of them. We have only played two sessions so far, so we are still working out how the system plays and what we can do with it. I am having fun so far though.

Alternating with that at the moment is [livejournal.com profile] nemloen's Temple of Elemental Evil, yes the old Gygaxian D&D adventure, which we are playing with a hack (variant) of the FATE 3.0 rules. It has been a great deal of fun, high silliness and wacky action abounds.

My Sea of Stars game continues ever so slowly, I just have not found the inspiration needed to frame the closing of the current arc. Hopefully soon.

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