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VW and Lichtblick are working together to build small efficient gas-thermal generators for home use. They are amazingly efficient and provide serious potential for distributed energy networks. Very exciting.
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Make your own 3D 'Printer' that builds up levels of plastic in three dimensions. There is RepRap and MakerBot available with new improved versions coming along soon. Fascinating. It will be great when they come down in price.

Our first session of the new AEON Mall Game is written up by the GM.

Good news on the writing front, I am writing for the next Legends of the Five Rings RPG book. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything more than that due to the non-disclosure agreement I have signed, but I will tell you more when I can.
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A short movie looking at how Augmented Cognition ("AugCon") might be achieved in the future (the opening is slow, ignore it until people start talking). AugCon is a DARPA project to assist information management under stressful situations. Very cyberpunk.

Interesting article on attitudes in Germany and why Anti-Americanism is so prevalent there.

I am not much for first person shooter games but Resistance: Fall of Man quite fascinates me. Probable because of its alternate history. Nice mock film clip from the Trials of Russia of the R:FoM world on this site.

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