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Since I am doing most of my internet posting at my Sea of Stars RPG Design Journal, JL and DW have gotten a bit neglected. Sorry all. Will try to be better about that.

Just ran a crazy four-part Legend of the Five Rings mini-campaign (framework here) which went surprisingly well and has hardened me for GenCon where I am running seven (yes, 7) sessions of the L5R RPG for AEG (the company that makes the game). Wish me luck!
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Yesterday over at my gaming journal, I wrote up some of my thoughts on the minor clan in the Legend of the Five Rings setting and why I like them so much. Also, realized that I have not but putting links up to the L5R Campaign reports but I just have if you want to catch up on the adventures of our silly yoriki.
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Up at my gaming journal, I will post links as I add more campaign reports and information.
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The massive roleplaying storyline event for Legends of the Five Rings begins today!

Winter Court Kyuden Gotei, I am not playing this time but I am helping out be being an assistant GM.

Go and take a look, should be much fun for all involved *touch wood*.
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Make your own 3D 'Printer' that builds up levels of plastic in three dimensions. There is RepRap and MakerBot available with new improved versions coming along soon. Fascinating. It will be great when they come down in price.

Our first session of the new AEON Mall Game is written up by the GM.

Good news on the writing front, I am writing for the next Legends of the Five Rings RPG book. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything more than that due to the non-disclosure agreement I have signed, but I will tell you more when I can.
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For those of you who do not know, Kotei are the regional tournaments for the Legends of the Five Rings (L5R) card game. Yesterday, I went to my first one in years and only my second one ever.

Rest behind the cut )
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Totally unofficial, by me. What Seppun Kiharu, who I played in the Winter Court game, is up to at the current point in the storyline. I suspect it is entirely incomprehensible to those who are not following the L5R storyline fiction, so, thus it is behind this curtain )

Also posted on AEG's L5R FanFic board
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Osprey Books has a lovely website to support their various books on militaria and military history. Including Interesting historical articles and more information on the Samurai.

Oh, and Tyche's Games can order Osprey books for those interested.
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Fiction from the Legends of the Five Rings setting )

What I did yesterday instead of working on my AEG project.

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