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Steam•Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories, an anthology edited by JoSelle Vanderhooft and published by Top Shelf, an imprint of Torquere Press Publishers.

This anthology consists of fifteen stories mixing lesbians and steampunk in various concentrations. For me, steampunk is mixing the untapped potential of the new sciences and technologies of the industrial age through the 1920s to the punk ethos from cyberpunk, in other words how the new technology changes and oppresses the world. By my definition, three of the stories do not fit into the steampunk genre but they are still quite interesting all the same.
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Posted up at my gaming journal, the Legend of Betrayal's Tear.

Always interested in thoughts on my writing, it is quite a short piece, so please take a look if you have time. Comments welcome here or there.
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Over at the Mor Aldenn - City of Mages log is the first part of the fiction I am writing for that setting:

Wizard's Path, Part I: Sticks and Stones

Feedback welcome here or there. Please go read and enjoy.

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We are getting back to the AEON Mall setting in gaming, which is a very post-modern take on superheroes. The Ultimates by way of The Office and reality programming. Most of the characters are new, but one, mine, is returning.

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PeTA terrorists had hit one of the outlying UGA poultry research clusters and delays had rippled through the network again. Still, made it to work in time, just, but I hate riding the monorail when it is crowded. But c'est la vie.

Checked the network link. The FBI claimed they were close to cracking the Athens PeTA operations but they said that after every attack.

Saw a dazed looking chicken wondering down Lumpkin, let the police know. Funny to watch a pair of techs in lab coats try to catch it a few minutes later. They finally cornered it but not before snarling traffic. Wish I had vidded it, it was hilarious.

But back to work. Need to braindump that plot I was working on.

For [livejournal.com profile] rabbitholeday
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Totally unofficial, by me. What Seppun Kiharu, who I played in the Winter Court game, is up to at the current point in the storyline. I suspect it is entirely incomprehensible to those who are not following the L5R storyline fiction, so, thus it is behind this curtain )

Also posted on AEG's L5R FanFic board

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