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Items of magic, power and ambition.

Items of Power and Ambition!

This is a collection of magic items for Pathfinder with wonderful illustrations from Tamás Baranya and written by me! Go and buy someone a Solstice present of wonderful magic items!
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At the Jack Vance Official Website you can get the Chasch, first book of the Tschai - Planet of Adventure series for free in ebook format (and a ton of his books as ebooks too). Certainly worth grabbing as Vance's culture building skills are phenomenal.
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JoSelle Vanderhooft and Catherine Lundoff (editors) collection of magic and lesbian love, called Hellebore and Rue is finally out. You can read more about it at JoSelle's Memory Palace.

This is also to test to see if Dreamwidth is crossposting properly to LJ.
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Over on my gaming journal, a link to a free PDF I did for the retro-futuristic pulp setting of Rocketship Empires: 1936. Have fun.
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So, this month for the Sea of Stars RPG design journal I am doing monsters. Seemed like a good theme for October, yes? And I was challenged to make over goblins so they were not just sword fodder but something more fey.

So, here they are, what do you think?
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Now up at the Mor Aldenn – City of Mages log is the second part of Cellian Varr's story:

Wizard’s Path, Part II: Broken Bones

Feedback welcome either here or there or both. Please go read and enjoy.

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Think you can write an intriguing story in 25 words or less, then get yourself over here, read the guidelines and submit.
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Apotrope (adj.: apotropaic) refers to objects such as amulets and talismans or other symbols intended to "ward off evil" or "avert or combat evil."

-having the power to prevent evil or bad luck
-warding off or "turning away" evil. [Greek apo an intensifier + tropos a turn].

Usufruct from ancient Roman law (and now a part of many civil law systems), "usufruct" means the rights to the product of another's property. For example, a farmer may give a right of "usufruct" of his land to a neighbor, thus enabling that neighbor to sow and reap the harvest of that land.
-the right of using another’s property for profit, without spoiling its substance.
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Every year, more and more perfectly good English words are lost due to no fault of their own. Please adopt a word, treasure it and use it. Our language will be richer for it.

Visit Save the Words for more information.

I have adopted Scathefire:

When the scathefire was done, there was nothing left of the town but ashes.

A destructive fire.
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The US Security forces have been extremely successful in thwarting terrorist actions against the US, forget Bush's speech and check out the information from the Department of Justice. I post this because I was not aware of the successes of the anti-terrorist campaign and, even taking the DoJ list with a grain of salt, they seem to have been quite successful at defeating terrorist action within the US.

Useful random generators:
Fantasy Novel Title Generator, also useful for inspiring RPG adventures.

Auto*Shoujo: Shoujo Anime & Manga Title generator.
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Thank you all for your responses and thoughts on the question.

I think I will mostly have historical figures be historical (Doctor Dee and Sir Isaac Newton are major figures in the background, for example). With a few 'historical' figures never quite intentified acting as 'Easter Eggs' as St. Rev put it (or as I think of it "A nod and a wink") thrown in for the observant reader.
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So, the novel I am working on is set in an alternate 1800 in England. History diverges in the late 1500s.

Now, my characters are off to listen to some political speakers. Do I make them up from whole cloth, do I use thinly veiled versions of historical figures or actual historical figures themselves 'adjusted' to the changed history? What are you opinions, dear readers.
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I did not even know this existed until I saw a post from [livejournal.com profile] jesshartley on the [livejournal.com profile] rpg_slaves group. Posted for mine and others reference.

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