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A Modular Robot That Puts Itself Back Together Again, this just seems perfect for the unkillable robot scenario without having to go for crazy nanotech.
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Shameless plug! We have a Roleplaying Game Demo Night at Tyche's Games tonight starting at 6.

Join my (virtual) dojo! Silly online fighting game.

What you need, my friends, is your own personal (programmable) soundtrack t-shirt. Though I want an MP3 player that adjusts what it is playing to the conditions around me.

On the more serious side, what should be done about music no longer in print? A whole community of bloggers are providing downloads of these otherwise unavailable pieces of music. Pretty cool if in a legal gray area.

Wired reports of civilian uses for nuclear explosives (they call they crazy, I think creative is better).
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Piracy is alive and well in the modern world. This is the African branch, the South China Sea is full of pirates as well. It is becoming quite a major problem.

Retro-Futurismus, a site dedicated to the futures of Europe's past. Only this page is in English but most of it is easy enough to follow as art is the primary medium. I found this site from this set of images commissioned for US Steel Internation back in the 1960 and made by Syd Mead, the conceptual artist who define the look of Blade Runner.
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Interesting article about how radiation exposure is apparently not as dangerous as has been thought. It is still a danger but not of the scorched earth and end of days that we have been lead to believe.


Oct. 22nd, 2007 04:26 pm
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Using bacterial films could lead to self repairing materials. Pretty cool.

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