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Unfortunately, we did not get to play any D&D on Friday night. Instead we had pizza at a new place (Fernando's?) where the food was good, almost excellent, but the service was not so hot. Still, tasty pizza and we will probably eat there again.

Then we went home and watched Pathfinder for our bad movie night (which we were going to have on Sunday, but [livejournal.com profile] forvrin had to work then). Details here )

Now, as to where we are in the D&D campaign. Currently, the characters are in the shadowy realm between life and where souls go after death, the realm of the recently dead and the lost souls. The player characters are questing to become the new Heralds of Death. This requires them to acquire the four symbols of the previous heralds:

A flute, a lantern, a set of scales and a sickle

Death has given them a compass, formed from one of the links of the chains that bind him to his throne, which will guide each character to his associated item. They decided to search for the scales firsts. Right now they are in a ruined city with various pockets of lost souls wandering in it. At the center of the ruined city, where the characters have not yet arrived is a massive ruined temple where dark rites to a dead god are performed in an attempt to resurrect its dark power.

In the city, Spiritcatchers roams the streets looking for lost souls to drag off to sacrifice. The characters fought one of them, who escaped leaving one character pinned to the cobblestones by a harpoon and another cutting her way out of a net.

What things do you think would be cool to find in the land of the dead? Suggestions always welcome.

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