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The Music of Athens (Georgia) is wikipedia's featured article for today!

The future of online news, c 1981, a total blast from the past. We have come a long, long way is a pretty short time.

The Protocols of Science Fiction, the hows and whys of the way science fiction is written the way it is.

More of Real Life Superheroes, yes, there are people who dress up in spandex and do good deeds. We need more of them.

Amazing photo of the ice sheets on the Elbe during the recent freeze in Europe.
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A copy of the full original negatives for Fritz Lang's Metropolis, not seen in 80 years, found in a Buenos Aires museum. The original story was much longer and more complex than the version that is widely know.

Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog, a short webcast series by Joss Whedon starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day!

Pneumatology is the study of spiritual beings (and other things too).

Think your job is bad? Look over the worst jobs in history.

The Oracle opens upon the heart of the Vortex, revealing . . .
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Today, Wikipedia's featured article is André Kertész, a photographer. From the articles links, I found this piece, Broken Plate, Paris which I find fascinating and attractive and intriguing, all at once.

A small group are trying to recreate the ancient Olympic Games in Greece. Best of luck to them.

Using DNA analysis to determine the contents of containers found in shipwreck dating from the Ancient World. What a fascinating use to put that technique.

Uga VI, the mascot of the University of Georgia Bulldogs, died. Sad but check out his funeral arrangements
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From those wacky Capitalists at FORBES magazine: The 15 Richest Fictional Characters. Scrooge McDuck is riding high on commodity prices but, alas, Daddy Warbucks perished in Iraq.

And, on the subject of wacky capitalism, How 'Dallas' Won the Cold War.

From the other side of the Cold War divide we have Art from the Soviet Pulps and an interesting discussion of Soviet Photographic Propaganda.

In 1945, the Nazis went to the Moon . . . in 2018, they are coming back . . . IRON SKY.

Pictures out of windows all around the world.
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Since I missed posting this on Friday . . .

Echoes from the Nazi past, the buildings that were not built in Berlin and one was in Bremen.

More proof that current biofuels are not a solution but a new problem.

Silly, funny, and occasionally obnoxious, set of RPG Motivational Posters from RPGnet.
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Random fun stuff from the darkest corners of the web. OK, they are not that disturbing but it was fun to write.

An archaeological dig in Essex may have uncovered a Druid's burial site. Analysis still ongoing but an interesting site (in the archaeological sense) in any case.

Useful Forms from the Bureau of Communication. Not quite for all occasions yet, but some fun forms there.

George P. Burdell what a guy! And a Georgian too. (And see the Wikipedia list of Nonexistent People.)

Cyberpunk here we come! implanted mobile phone drawing power from the users body.

A good article from how technology evolves From Ridiculous to Revolutionary.

And lastly, some politics, Reason Magazine asks why is the world's media Still Stuck on Castro?
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A German Dictionary of Improper Words, those words and phrases that are tainted by there association with the Nazi regime. A look into the German psyche.

Clive Thompson on Why Sci-Fi Is the Last Bastion of Philosophical Writing, interesting thoughts.

Did you know that bees are immune to some things that are toxic to humans? Thus they can make toxic honey.

Shorpy, the 100-Year-Old Photo Blog, a collection of stange and unique photo from ages past.

The Strange and surreal of Dubai especially take a look at the photos of the city, it seems unreal, yet is . . .

A floating luxury hotel? Return of the airship, take twenty seven.

And its my birthday.

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