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Over on my gaming journal, a link to a free PDF I did for the retro-futuristic pulp setting of Rocketship Empires: 1936. Have fun.
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Or Kraft durch Freude in German, the Nazi leisure organization. They ran tourist camps and foreign tours for Germany and sought to make Germany a tourist destination. An interesting article about them on Spiegel Online with brochures! Again, seem like a great place to set a pulp adventure.
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NS-Ordensburg Vogelsang, Vogelsang National Socialist Castle, was a training ground for young Nazi men. A place to shape them into tools and leaders of the National Socialist cause. Turned into a barracks during the war and then occupied by the British who turned it over to the Belgians, it has now been returned to Germany with much of its Nazi "glory" still intact. You can read about the castle, see some amazing photos and get more information from Wikipedia.

Ordensburg Vogelsang just cries out to be used in a pulp adventure.
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The Luxtorpedia, a gasoline powered single car luxury train that ran in Poland between the world wars (and used as a "Germans Only" form of transport during WW2). A perfect place for a confrontation with pulp villains! A short film from 1936 shows it in operation (starting at about 0:35 in).

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