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Not that I am much of a foodie really, but recently we have visited two of the places to eat in Athens' Five Points area and I wanted to give credit where credits is due.

The Royal Peasant, makes the attempt to be a British pub in Athens. The decor is nice, with a small outdoor area and an equally small inside area. Two tellies inside, one showing Dr No and the other Baseball (not cricket at all). Had Strongbow cider, a plus. The food was good but overpriced (considerably) for the portion size. I had fish and chips, Laura had bangers and mash. In both cases, the proportion of potatoes was annoyingly small (and mine only had fish and chips, no other veg at all). Still, the service was good and it is a nice atmosphere, if it was a better value for money I would go there often.

Two Story Coffeehouse, very nice location with a lovely enclosed patio area. The service was excellent, though it was not busy at all, though a little pricey (two 16 oz coffee drinks and a big brownie, just under $12). The drinks were very tasty, mocha for me and green tea latte for Laura, and the brownies was excellent. Very pleasant and we will definitely go back but maybe not when school is in session (when it looks like it would get very crowded).


Mar. 24th, 2008 09:19 pm
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Quiet Easter for us, the most Easter-y thing we did was to make tea eggs. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] melody_rossiter for pointing out the recipe! Next time we will let them rest in the broth longer but even our test batch worked out pretty well and I am not a fan of hard-boiled eggs.

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