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Or at least a surviving matrilineal society, the Musuo of China. Who I found out about through this interview with an Argentine who spend two month with them.

I keep forgetting that China has all of these fascinating small surviving cultures hidden within it.
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War graves and memorials from the Great War in France. Silent reminders of a great and noble tragedy. Oddly, they are one of the places I am most interested in visiting if I ever make it to France.

"It is a small world after all", an oblique discussion of Micronations. And an interesting short piece on one of them, Seborga in Italy.

"They are made of meat", thoughts on the modern carnivore's banquet.
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This weeks sees the Berlin Fashion Week, not my usual scene but the edgy side of the fashionista hosted their own show with models riding the U-Bahn to the after party, giving new meaning to underground fashion,
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A review of a book on Dean Reed 'the Red Elvis', whom I first mentioned here. Some more information on this interesting man.

Did you know that the Girl Scouts want you to die?

Doomsaying environmentalist James Lovelock recommends nuclear power for the survival of the human race.

A report on Taoism in modern China.
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A lovely article about the last public letter writer in Saigon, such an interesting role in society. Quite beautiful in its own way.

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