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Been an odd week, was called in for jury duty on Monday and assigned to a jury to meet on Tuesday. Tuesday saw the case which was short, only two witnesses testified, but then it took us four hours of deliberation to reach a verdict (on a six-person jury no less) I was the foreperson so I got called out several times to say to the judge that we still had not reached a decision which was a tad stressful . . .

But now happily back at work at Tyche's Games where the stress in much lower.

George Monbiot writes an interesting article: The unpalatable truth is that the anti-nuclear lobby has misled us all.
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Shameless plug! We have a Roleplaying Game Demo Night at Tyche's Games tonight starting at 6.

Join my (virtual) dojo! Silly online fighting game.

What you need, my friends, is your own personal (programmable) soundtrack t-shirt. Though I want an MP3 player that adjusts what it is playing to the conditions around me.

On the more serious side, what should be done about music no longer in print? A whole community of bloggers are providing downloads of these otherwise unavailable pieces of music. Pretty cool if in a legal gray area.

Wired reports of civilian uses for nuclear explosives (they call they crazy, I think creative is better).
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Well, you know I always have been a supporter of nuclear power. It pleases me to no end to see that it is once again in vogue as a power source. It is clear, safe and efficient even with the problem of disposing of the nuclear waste.

But some people still hate it (article from the AP via Wired). Note the tired attempt to link the disaster at Chernobyl (4,000+ fatalities) and the accident at Three Mile Island (no fatalities) check this article for more information on both.

But for a reasoned reply, I direct you to Sp!ked's Ten Myths about nuclear power.
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Interesting article about how radiation exposure is apparently not as dangerous as has been thought. It is still a danger but not of the scorched earth and end of days that we have been lead to believe.

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