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Just got back last week from a trip to Washington DC, which as you no doubt know, is full of museums, galleries and history. We were staying in Alexandria, Virginia, fairly close to the Old Town area which is quite nice and an easy Metro ride away from the heart of DC.

Details of where we went and what we saw behind the cut )
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Using fantastic both as in yesterday's article and in the sense of really good.

Maggie Hogarth's Stardancer, science fiction and fantasy art, stories and more. Some time ago, when she actually had time for commissions, Maggie drew one of my Mantyd-Caste for me. A piece I am very proud of owning.

Audra Furuichi's Compeito, Fantasy, fun and other stuff here. Audra is kindly letting me use one of her fantasy pieces for an upcoming project.

Ursula Vernon's Red Wombat Studio, which I only just discovered today. Lots of fun and bizarre things here, well worth a visit.

(Crossposted from the Sea of Stars Design Journal.)
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Spectacular papercrafting from Wataru Itou, really quite amazing.

The British Library has partly opened its archive of 19th C newspapers to the public. Sadly, much of it requires a fee to access but still very cool.

Mostly been working on the Sea of Stars RPG Project, have several new posts up at the Design Journal and trying to get people to come by the Forums (hint hint).
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From [livejournal.com profile] zeixx whom I acquired two commissions from via Sweet Charity auctions (in support of RAINN):

You can find more of her lovely art here on DeviantArt.

For more information (and more art) about the Mantyd-caste, visit my earlier LJ entry on them.

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