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[livejournal.com profile] doji_kumoko and I will be in DC next week for 4 days of Museuming. We have not been for 15+ years, what is on people's must see list?

We have penciled in the new Air and Space Museum, the Museum of the American Indian (both new since we were last there) and the National Gallery and the Natural History Museum. What else?
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Interesting for word buffs, political theorists and others:

Experimental Economist Bart Wilson on the Meaning of "Fair"
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On Wens, if you are going to be there and want to catch up with me:

My GenCon schedule

Hope to see some of you there.
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Posted up at my gaming journal, the Legend of Betrayal's Tear.

Always interested in thoughts on my writing, it is quite a short piece, so please take a look if you have time. Comments welcome here or there.
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Been a bit since I last posted, but been collecting various bits and piece from around the web that might interest people. These seemed appropriate to a cyberpunkish future:

Brain interface made of silk, a new way to layer electrodes to interface with the brain.

10 Smart Clothes you will be wearing soon not convinced on that (nor all they all really clothes) but the networked jacket is amazing and I would so wear one of them.

A perfect threat McGuffin for a scenario Cruise missile launcher concealed in a cargo container.

Lastly, the Speed Racer live action movie. Behind all the neon colors and homage to the anime is the story of a world controlled by megacorporations who use bloodsports to manipulate share prices and the masses.
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Yesterday over at my gaming journal, I wrote up some of my thoughts on the minor clan in the Legend of the Five Rings setting and why I like them so much. Also, realized that I have not but putting links up to the L5R Campaign reports but I just have if you want to catch up on the adventures of our silly yoriki.
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Ada Lovelace Day celebrates the achievement of women in the fields of science and technology.

As I see the origin of the field of science (and thus technology) in philosophy, here are some interesting philosophers from the Ancient world:

Aesara of Lucania, a Pythagorean philosopher, of whom only a page of her work survives (referenced by a Roman writer). In that she wrote: Human nature seems to me to provide a standard of law and justice both for the home and for the city. Which seems a very good starting point for me as well.

Hipparchia of Maroneia, a Cynic philosopher, who fully embraced the lifestyle of the Cynic school, denying the need for material comforts and living in the streets to elevate the life of the mind.

And go take a look at 2D Goggles for fun with a steampunk adventuress version of Ada Lovelace.

(Crossposted to Sea of Stars RPG Design Journal.)
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As we move into the next stage of the Health Care Saga, some things to think about:

Health Care, Chaos, and the Challenge of Chickens in New York, looking at how self-organizing systems cope with complexity much more efficiently that top-down ones.

The Chemist's War, Slate looks at the little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition with deadly consequences. Remember, there are good reason not to trust the government to control morality and livelihoods.

A good discussion of the three types of knowledge, probably NSFW due to language, No One Knows What the F*** They're Doing. Again, important when looking at attempts to impose top-down 'solutions' on complex systems.

Business and free markets do good for the world, but the silence of Mammon in defending itself is deafening.

Have a good weekend all.
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My favorite singer-songwriter, Al Stewart, is performing in Atlanta this Friday playing at Eddie's Attic which is a delightful small venue. It is well worthwhile to hear him in person if you have the time (and money). Hope to see you there!
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President Obama says we cannot have another yearlong debate on health care but must move forward now. For a matter that effects peoples' lives, one sixth of the economy and is (as currently envisioned) fiendishly complex, should we not have a full and complete public debate?

What we have had so far has been a lot of political theatre that has generated more heat than light. We need more data, more information on what these plans will achieve not just political sound bites. This is a massive issue, we should take time to do it right.
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Spiegel online has an excellent article on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, read it and despair of change coming peacefully to that land.
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My occasional collection of interesting and inspiring articles from various places on the web. For this time we have a wide ranging mix of subjects:

For SF gamers, a beautiful display of our Solar system and nearby stars from Exosolar and a more humous look at our place in the galaxy.

Interesting things from our modern world: The Essentials of the World's New Tallest Building, Burj Dubai. What a place for a superbattle.

From the new to the old, Opacity, charting urban ruins, abandoned places can provide a fascinating backdrop for many urban adventures.

An interesting look at some of Israel's women soldiers.

Back in the 19th Century, some Europeans kept 'Human Zoos'. Another creepy piece from our past.

A good resource for Modern Shamanism, Wildspeak including an impressive list of totem animals and their symbolism.

Cross-posted from my gaming journal
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Over on my gaming journal, a link to a free PDF I did for the retro-futuristic pulp setting of Rocketship Empires: 1936. Have fun.


Feb. 5th, 2010 10:02 am
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Books, books, books.
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I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

This project is creating a map of LJ users and their location in real space, quite interesting.
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Yes, I know that the entire universe is crying how suddenly the corporations will rule everything because of their vast amount of money they can spend without restriction on buying political adds, in their own name, at any time (as opposed to not within 30 days -60 days for Federal- of an election). As opposed to having to funneling that money through a PAC (Political Action Committee) as they do now. In other words, no significant change except that now small groups can organize without getting hammered by insanely complex laws.

Under McCain-Feingold and similar Federal laws (from the majority opinion):
Campaign finance regulations now impose "unique and complex rules" on "71 distinct entities." These entities are subject to separate rules for 33 different types of political speech. The FEC has adopted 568 pages of regulations, 1,278 pages of explanations and justifications for those regulations, and 1,771 advisory opinions since 1975. In fact, after this Court in WRTL [the 2007 Wisconsin Right to Life case] adopted an objective "appeal to vote" test for determining whether a communication was the functional equivalent of express advocacy, the FEC adopted a two-part, 11-factor balancing test to implement WRTL's ruling.

This regulatory scheme may not be a prior restraint on speech in the strict sense of that term, for prospective speakers are not compelled by law to seek an advisory opinion from the FEC before the speech takes place. As a practical matter, however, given the complexity of the regulations and the deference courts show to administrative determinations, a speaker who wants to avoid threats of criminal liability and the heavy costs of defending against FEC enforcement must ask a governmental agency for prior permission to speak.

The ruling says that we will now have more political speech and surely that is good. I, unlike so many, trust that voters can actually judge political ads on their content and vote for what they think is right. After all, if money was all you needed to win election, why are we not speaking of President Ross Perot? Or Steve Forbes? Have some faith in the American people and move on.
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The Master: But, this is fantastic isn't it? The Time Lords restored!

The Doctor: You weren't there, in the final days of the war. You never saw what was born. That if the time lock's broken then everything is coming through. Not just the Daleks but the Skaro Degradations, The Horde of Travesties, The Nightmare Child, the Could-Have-Been King with his armies of Mean-Whiles and Never-Weres. The world turned into Hell, and that's what you opened right above the Earth. Hell is descending.

The Master: My kind of world.

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