Jun. 26th, 2011

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So, we have lived in Athens, Georgia, for 13 years and last night was the first time we attended AthFest, the yearly festival of music and arts. We went down because Guadalcanal Diary had reformed for their 30th Anniversary and were playing two shows, the first at AthFest! It was a great show with many of our favorite songs being played (including Lips of Steel which was the very first song of theirs we had heard). Much fun.

Unfortunately, being a free outdoor concert, we had to contend with lots of people wandering aimlessly through the area, talking, getting in the way, smoking, drinking and so on. Still, well worth it to see Guadalcanal Diary who were rocking and having a good time, playing three (!) encores! We grabbed t-shirts and their live CD (from 1998!) which completes my collection of their easy to get hold of music.

Here is a video for their song Always Saturday which I think if the only actual, official video they have. But several other of their songs are up on YouTube as well. Give them a listen.

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